Lessons Learned: Lyric Innuendo

I love listening to lyrics in a song. When I’m stuck with my writing or I need to build some creative energy, I like to plug in my tunes and analyze the lyrics while feeling the music the song portrays. I have my favorite songs from a variety of bands or solo artists. I listen to hard rock, classic rock, blues, country, swing, disco, and pop rap to name a few of the variety of music out there.

Lyrics are the heart of the song, and I love finding ones with innuendo. Real clever lyrics have an outer journey and an inner journey tied together. For example, a song titled “Black Sky” by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils relates the outer journey as the ominous strength of a storm forming across the ridge. The inner journey is about him coming home with his woman waiting for him and there will be hell to be paid, also the black sky forming. The lyrics are very clever, yet simple.

I also like lyrics to songs that have indirect innuendo. For example, the lyrics to Aerosmith’s song “Sweet Emotion” don’t blatantly say that the missy is pregnant. It’s stated, “can’t catch me cause the rabbit done died. Well yes it did.” That song is full of innuendos or play on words. Back then, artists had to be creative in order to pass the censorship of getting their songs on the air. By being creative and changing words, the artists were able to appease the stations and get their point across to the adult audience. For the younger generation, they would hear the catchy tune but haven’t a clue to what they were truly singing about.

Next time you’re listening to tunes, really listen to the lyrics and see how clever the words play to the story of the song. I’d love to hear what you find.


Writer’s Block

Writer’s block isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s not the best thing either when you are at the computer trying to write your blog for the night…like me. I’m not liking the blockage from brain to fingers to computer. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty to say, but tonight my energy is low. I created a rough draft this afternoon of what I was going to post for tonight, but I didn’t like the layout. Yes, I could tweak it, but the words have to hit right and tonight it’s not happening.

So, you get to see writer’s block in action. I started writing three different subjects for tonight’s post. One was on mother’s day, the other on the dog running across the park with enough energy that could light the neighborhood lights, and on generations of mothers. Now I’m writing on writer’s block.

It happens. You’ll start writing or typing your story, your blog, an email, or an article but you end up erasing more than you write. The best thing to do is keep writing. Here’s four tricks:

1. Move away from the computer, find a favorite chair with a pad and pencil and try writing the old fashion way. To me, this is more personable, like writing in a diary. Let your emotions run into your hand, to the ink, and then to paper. You can always fine-tune the words or structure once you type it up on the computer.

2. Find a picture of a person in a magazine that looks intriguing and write a bio on his or her life. Keep it on file and you may have a new character for your next story.

3. Stop writing. Go for a walk or do some exercises for twenty minutes to half an hour. Get the blood flowing and stimulate the brain. Try writing again.

4. Force yourself to type. Let your fingers keep pressing away at those keys and see where your writing takes you.

Well, what do you know. I finished my blog!

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